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Table of Contents
Chapter 2
Chapter 8
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Overcoming School Anxiety: How to Help Your Child Deal With Separation, Tests, Homework, Bullies, Math Phobia, and Other Worries
by Diane Peters Mayer, M.S.W., L.S.W.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Deirdre Shaffer xv
Preface xvii
Acknowledgments xix
How to Use the Overcoming School Anxiety Program xxi

CHAPTER 1 What Is School Anxiety?
anxiety is a normal aspect of being humanpositive and negative effects on mental and physical functioningdefinition of school anxiety and discussion of symptomscauses and effects of school anxietyshort- and long-term effects of school anxiety

CHAPTER 2 Anxiety Is a Mind-Body Experience
examination of stress and children's reaction to stressphysiological effects of anxietydiscussion of the nervous systemfight-or-flight and relaxation responsesmatching physical, mental, and emotional anxiety symptoms to physiological changesreasons for chronic anxietydevelopment of an anxiety disorderguidelines for professional helplist of common anxiety disordersways to help children deal with stress

CHAPTER 3 Help! My Child Won't Go to School
causes and effects of school refusaldiscussion of why leaving home can be difficultchildhood fears of parents dying while child is at schoolchildhood worries about not "fitting in"definition of separation anxiety disorder (SAD) and its symptomsguidelines for preventing and easing the anxiety of school refusalexercises, techniques, and parental guidelines

CHAPTER 4 My Child Can't Stop Worrying
sources of childhood worry (testing, homework assignments, teachers, socializing)explanation of chronic worry and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)effects of worry on school performancetips to help children stop worryingexercises, techniques, and parental guidelines

CHAPTER 5 My Child Panics and Avoids Situations
definition of panic disorders and symptomscauses and effects of panicdiscussion of agoraphobia and its effect on attending schooltips on helping children cope with panicexercises and examples

CHAPTER 6 My Child Fears People, Places, and Things
definitions of social phobia and simple phobia and explanation of childhood symptomscauses of phobiasexamination of phobia's effects on school experienceinformation on types of professional treatmentexercises and techniques to help stop phobiastips for creating a systematic desensitization programguidelines for helping children cope with phobias

CHAPTER 7 My Child Has Homework Anxiety
guidelines if child dreads homeworkhow to ease homework anxietycreating a comfortable homework spacebreaking down the homework loadanswers to common questions for parents of a school-anxious childexercises and techniques for conquering homework anxietytips for making learning exciting for children

CHAPTER 8 My Child Has Test Anxiety
definition of test anxiety and discussion of its symptomshow test anxiety builds upexplanation of physical, mental, and emotional effects of pretest anxietysymptoms of test anxietyexercises, test-taking techniques, and parental guidelines

CHAPTER 9 My Child Is a Perfectionist
definition of perfectionismcharacteristics and causes of perfectionismlink between perfectionism and anxietyguidelines to help children become less rigid in their thinking and ease the anxiety associated with perfectionismexercises and techniques include learning how to relax, "letting go," and practicing making mistakes

CHAPTER 10 Building Your Child's Self-Esteem
definition of self-esteem and self-worthcauses of low self-esteemnegative self-talkguidelines to build up a child's self-esteemeasy projects and exercises for parents and children to work on togethertips on how to use a child's strengths to build self-esteem

CHAPTER 11 My Child Is Being Bullied
definition of bullyingdifferences between girl and boy bullieslink between bullying and school anxietyhow to help children cope with bullieswhen to step in to help your child and when to contact the schoolwhat to do if your child is the bullyexercises to help children take control of the bullying situationhow to help your school enact an antibullying program

CHAPTER 12 Parental and Family Conflict and Issues
types of family conflict that create anxiety and lead to school anxietyunique ways children handle family conflictsymptoms of family conflict such as anxiety, behavior problems, and poor gradesguidelines to help a child deal with divorce, death of a parent, and moving to a new home and school

CHAPTER 13 My Child Has Learning, Physical, or Emotional Challenges
physical and learning challenges that make the school experience difficultlink between learning challenges, physical challenges, and anxietyinformation on how to prepare children for the school environment academically and emotionallytips and exercises to teach children how to cope and thrive at school

CHAPTER 14 Learn to Breathe to Feel at Ease
breathing and anxietyexplanation of belly breathing (diaphragmatic breathing) and its positive effect on the relaxation responsephysical, mental, and emotional effects of belly breathinghow belly breathing can stop school anxietyguidelines and instructions for practicing belly breathinghow to use belly breathing in stressful school situations

CHAPTER 15 "Be Present" for School Success
how to live in the momenthow being in the moment can reduce school anxiety for test taking, homework, or speaking up in classguidelines for practicing living in the momentinstructions for teaching children to live in the momentexercises for a variety of school situations

CHAPTER 16 Learning to Let Go and Flow
teaching your child to face fears to reduce anxietydescription of the white-knuckle response and how it increases your child's school anxietyinstructions on helping your child ride out anxiety when it surfaces in schoolhow to help your child to "loosen and float" at schoolguidelines for loosening anxiety's grip on your child's mindexercises for facing fears and letting them go

CHAPTER 17 Eat Right to Feel Right
link between nutrition and increased or decreased anxietyeffects on school performance of a child's diet that is high in processed and fatty foodshow vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause anxietyguidelines for choosing a diet to help prevent and ease anxietytypes of professional help available for parentssuggestions for helping your school change its lunch menus and snacksstudies showing how diet can help decrease anxiety and behavioral problems

CHAPTER 18 Getting Physical with Your Child
how exercise reduces anxietywhy exercise has a positive effect on anxiety and anxiety disordersdescription of kinds of exercises paired with developmental stagesguidelines for beginning an exercise program for your child, yourself, and even your whole family

CHAPTER 19 What Are Traditional Medical Treatments for Children?
discussion of traditional medical treatments such as medication and numerous psychotherapiesuse of antidepressants in childrenwhat happens in a psychotherapist's or psychiatrist's officetypes of mental health practitioners who practice therapykinds of therapy available for childrendiscussion of the downside of psychotropic medications for children

CHAPTER 20 What Are Alternative Treatments for Children?
description of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)discussion of yoga, herbs, and acupuncturepractitioners of CAM such as holistic medical physicians and alternative practitioners

Wrap-Up 221
Resources 223
Index 225
About the Author 233