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Overcoming School Anxiety
Overcoming School Anxiety is now available and the reviews are in!

The Overcoming School Anxiety Program - School Consultant

The exercises and techniques in The Overcoming School Anxiety Program are tools that will benefit all students to help them prevent or conquer school anxiety, and will enhance children’s abilities to become master students.

Workshops are available for school staff and parent groups to learn how to teach anxious children to conquer their fears. These workshops include:

    • How to Breathe to Feel as Ease

    • How to Turn Off Chronic Worry

    • How to Manage the Homework Load

    • Terrific Test-Taking Strategies

    • How to Stay Calm When Called on in Class

    • How to Interact With Peers and Teachers With Confidence

    • How to Build a Child’s Self-Esteem

I will be happy to develop a workshop with your staff to meet your students’ individual needs.


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