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Overcoming School Anxiety
Overcoming School Anxiety is now available and the reviews are in!

The Overcoming School Anxiety Program

The Overcoming School Anxiety Program helps children from grades K-12 with the following problems: test anxiety, homework apprehension, phobias, fear of reading out loud and speaking up in class, chronic worry, school refusal, Separation Anxiety Disorder, concerns about “fitting in,” social anxiety, panic attacks, and bullying.

Children who suffer from school anxiety experience distressing and disturbing physical and emotional symptoms (see checklist at right).

School anxiety is a barrier to normal intellectual and social development in children and teens (see checklist at right).

The Overcoming School Anxiety Program is multi-faceted and provides understanding for child/teen and parent, with proven easy to learn exercises and techniques adapted from psychology, yoga, breath work/meditation, theater arts, and sports psychology that teaches children to take control of their anxiety instead of letting it control them.

The benefits of the Overcoming School Anxiety Program are numerous:

  • techniques to stop anxiety from escalating
  • how to stop a panic attack
  • how to get out the door on school mornings without freaking out
  • how to take tests successfully
  • how to read out loud and answer in class with confidence
  • how to give oral class presentations without panic
  • how to manage the homework load
  • how to concentrate in class
  • how to approach and interact with peers
  • what to do about bullying
  • how to be a confident student
  • how to stop avoidance behavior
  • how to manage and cope with feelings
  • how to develop a zest for learning.

An important component of The Overcoming School Anxiety Program teaches children and teens to appreciate and embrace their unique qualities, intelligence, and talents which will empower them to become successful students.

To set up an appointment in my Doylestown, PA office; or if you live too far away to come in personally with your child, we can work on some of your child’s problems via phone and email.

Workshops are available for school staff and parent groups to learn how to teach anxious children to conquer their fears.

For more information please contact me!


Physical / Emotional Symptoms:
  • intense adrenaline rush
  • rapid heartbeat
  • shortness of breath
  • stomach upset
  • headache
  • trembling/shaking
  • blushing
  • loss of concentration
  • shame
  • eating and sleeping difficulties.
  • feeling out of control,
  • depressed,
  • isolated,
  • helpless,
  • hopeless,
  • feelings of low self-worth.
Student stress!
Social Development Symptoms
  • poor test scores,
  • chronically absent/late,
  • low grades,
  • cries on school mornings,
  • recurring physical complaints,
  • developing avoidant behaviors,
  • tantrums,
  • clings to you on school days,
  • begs to stay home/refuses to go to school,
  • is angry and defiant,
  • uses alcohol/drugs,
  • begun early sexual activity,
  • difficulty interacting with peers,
  • a computer addiction,
  • self-defeating behaviors,
  • no motivation to learn and succeed in school,
  • wants to drop out of school