Diane Peters Mayer: Psychotherapist, Aughor, and Speaker
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Diane Peters Mayer's Books

Overcoming School Anxiety
Overcoming School Anxiety: How to Help Your Child Deal With Separation, Tests, Homework, Bullies, Math Phobia, and Other Worries by Diane Peters Mayer, M.S.W., L.S.W.

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Every year, more than 68 million students of every age find themselves worrying excessively about their first day of school, even before it begins. Their hearts race, their stomachs turn, and their palms sweat just thinking about getting on the school bus for the first time, that first pop quiz, or that notoriously strict teacher. For parents of these children, nothing can be more upsetting than dropping their kids off on the first day of school, wondering how they will cope. Now, they can stop worrying and start helping. As a seasoned psychotherapist, Diane Peters Mayer has successfully treated hundreds of elementary school students suffering from this common disorder. In Overcoming School Anxiety, she shows parents how to deal with a wide variety of problems, from test and homework anxiety, to bullying, and fear of speaking up in class. Mayer also offers easy-to-learn techniques for children including breathing and relaxation exercises, focusing techniques, and tips on proper diet and exercise that help relieve stress. Filled with real-life examples as well as proven advice for working with teachers, principals, and counselors, this is the only comprehensive guide that will enable every parent to help a child cope, build confidence, and succeed in school.

"Overcoming School Anxiety is empowering for both parent and child." Betty Ann Castaneda, parent, California

"I see this book as an invaluable tool that will stay by my bedside throughout my daughter’s school career." Lisa Nero, parent, California

"I would strongly recommend it to any teacher or parent as a practical guidebook to better understanding and aiding our youth." Waldemar Plichta, ME, foreign language teacher, Cedar Crest High School, Lebanon, Pennsylvania

"Not only does it outline easy-to-understand principles, guidelines, and applied techniques tailored to specific problems, it does so in empowering ways that curtail guilt and defeat. I am already implementing these concepts into my practice, and because the book cuts across professional and nonprofessional boundaries, I can recommend it not only to colleagues and clients but to family and friends as well." Karen Carter Katz, LCSW, BCD, Clinical Social Worker, private practice, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

"A clear, concise, systematic guide for parents to approach a difficult and often insurmountable problem. An excellent resource for schools. A must for staff and parents." Missy Leinbach, parent/elementary Spanish teacher, Ambler, Pennsylvania


Conquering Ring Nerves

Conquering Ring Nerves: A Step-by-Step Program for All Dog Sports by Diane Peters Mayer, M.S.W., L.S.W.

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Proven ways to overcome performance anxiety!

Whether you’re new to dog sports or an experienced dog handler, it’s quite common to experience mild to severe performance anxiety during competition. Now, with Conquering Ring Nerves, you can face and overcome your anxiety through an easy-to-follow, successful program.

No matter what’s going on inside or outside the ring, Diane Peters Mayer shows you how to calm yourself, stay focused, boost your self-esteem, and give a blue-ribbon performance. She uses a multidimensional approach developed during her years as a psychotherapist and anxiety specialist, complete with exercises and techniques adapted from such areas as sports psychology, yoga, and physical fitness. You’ll discover how to ground yourself and compete from your "core", and take advantage of quick stress busters and ways to loosen and energize your body. Packed with proven tips to find success and have fun in the ring, Conquering Ring Nerves is your one-stop guide to overcoming competition jitters and becoming the handler of your dreams.

  • Reveals how to achieve peak performance under pressure in all dog sports, from agility, obedience, and confirmation to Rally-O, freestyle, and more
  • Features illuminating, real-life ring nerves stories
  • Explains how to stop being afraid, set goals, and reach them
  • Includes a Training Diary to keep yourself on track during training and competitions
  • Offers further reading and resources lists to build upon what you’ve learned


The Everything Health Guide to Controlling AnxietyThe Everything Health Guide to Controlling Anxiety Book: Professional Advice to Get You Through Any Situation (Everything: Health and Fitness) by Diane Peters Mayer, M.S.W., L.S.W.

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The Everything Health Guide to Controlling Anxiety Book contains useful information on the types of therapy available for anxiety sufferers, and is filled with helpful suggestions about how to control anxeity. With chapters on mind-body connection and causes of anxiety, this book is particularly helpful for those with anxiety disorders.