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Overcoming School Anxiety
Overcoming School Anxiety is now available and the reviews are in!

Coaching/Counseling for Anxiety by Phone and Email

I have been counseling and coaching clients by phone and email since I began private practice 18 years ago. I create a unique step-by-step action plan with each client, and use my therapeutic skills to build their confidence to overcome their fears. Through my practice and books I have helped thousands of anxious people free themselves from the grip of anxiety to live full, rich, and rewarding lives. My Overcoming School AnxietyProgram is for parents with school anxious children as well as adult students.

I can help you with:

  • School Anxiety—Parents of school anxious children or adult students are taught the tools to help their child or themselves thrive and succeed in school. The program includes: techniques to stop anxiety from escalating, how to manage and cope with the feelings and symptoms of anxiety, how to ease school refusal, how to take tests successfully, how to manage the homework load, how to approach and interact with peers, how to stop avoidant behavior, how to stop a panic attack, how to speak up in the classroom, how to give class presentations, how to become a confident and master student.
  • PhobiasAnimal phobias such as spiders and dogs; Natural Environment phobias such as fear of water and storms; Situational Phobias such as public speaking and the fear of flying.
  • Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia
  • Stress Management

My anxiety program includes teaching you exercises and techniques adapted from a range of disciplines: behavioral and psychodynamic psychological theories, yoga, breath work, theater arts, and sports psychology for easing anxious symptoms in any situation. The ability to be able to decrease symptoms quickly and to stop being afraid of the disturbing symptoms that anxiety produces will in time help you to overcome your anxiety.

Since anxiety is a mind/body condition my program is holistic. Together we help you to make life changes a little bit at a time. For example, making small dietary changes will help to decrease the manufacture of adrenaline and to increase your ability to handle stress.

How it Works

  • You email to me all of your contact information and a detailed history of your anxiety so I can determine if my programs can help you.
  • You work from a custom-designed program
  • You receive exercises and techniques by email after each session
  • You work on weekly assignments that are manageable and achievable
  • You email what you have accomplished for the week prior to our next session
  • I am available to answer questions in between sessions

It takes determination, practice, and time to overcome anxiety but the benefits of doing so are priceless. You can take control of your anxiety instead of having it control you.

If you would like more information or make your first appointment, please:

  1. Contact me via my contact page and I will email a questionnaire to you to determine if I can help you. We may also talk by phone if I need further information or if you have questions.
  2. If we agree to work together please pay for the session in advance of our meeting.
  3. When payment is received I will make an appointment with you.
A one hour session is $125.00:

Disclaimer: Diane Peters Mayer’s programs are not for people who have deep-seated psychological problems or conditions. Individual psychotherapy is indicated in those cases. If you are experiencing a psychiatric crises immediately go to the nearest hospital ER, or call 911.

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